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Hey all! This may be redundant, but my mechanic gave me some info to post along with this. I have posted in the past about my '05 E running rough at stop lights and having poor performance. Now the latest development is that it stalls when it is cold. If I let her warm up for 10 minutes or so, everything is ok, although I still have rough idle issues and poor performance sometimes. I should also mention the rancid exhaust smell when the fast idle starts to drop...

So my mechanic wanted to make sure I included this info: check engine light is on (intermittent) with a P0172 code showing. He says the engine is stalling rich in both closed and open loop (I don't know what this means........). He also said the fuel trim is 20%, so the engine thinks it is running very rich. He checked the usual stuff - no vacuum leaks, no O2 sensor code.

Anyone? He's pretty confused by this one and says it seems like a very uncommon problem (he's never seen it before). He's going to contact some of the local dealers and see if they've seen this before and if they have any ideas. I can drive the car, but it sucks having to warm it up before driving.

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