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First, thank you all for your advice. I stopped by Advance Auto Parts and they diagnosed the problem as the front O2 sensor in front of the cat. Interestingly, their price for a replacement was close to $200 whereas my local Honda dealer quoted me around $130. I read where someone had their problem diagnosed by a parts shop as being the front sensor, even though the rear seems to be more problematic, replaced it - but still had the error. Replaced the rear sensor, reinstalled the original front sensor & the code went away. Soooooo, I'm a little concerned over having the same thing happen to me. The Honda dealer wants $82 to run a check. Anybody have thoughts on the front sensor being the culprit as opposed to the rear? For what it's worth, my "E" sits a lot - especially during the riding season if that helps with which sensor is most likely to be bad.

Again, thanks to all who responded to my question!
Every vehicle is different. What you have read was likely a one off happening. Lats year i replaced the rear sensor in mine. The code that was read was called for the rear sensor....Sensor replace...Problem solved. If you don't trust the diagnosis that the autoparts store gave you get a second opinion. If the code you got is for the front sensor chances are it is the front sensor that is bad?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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