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EX All Wheel Drive Price

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Any price feedback for an EX All wheel drive? Trying to get a fair price range here in Southern California. Thanks!
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I can't speak for Cali but in FL I haven't found a dealer who will negotiate on the price so what you see on is what you'll pay (even on accessories). I ordered a 4WD EX at the end of December scheduled for mid-February delivery. Price was 21,310 + 397 dealer prep.
Thanks for the reply. I'm looking to get the Orange colored one with basic upgrades. I've submitted a request for a price through the honda site, introduced myself to a local dealer and will try one more to get a price. I'll post my cost here once I order it.
If you're the least bit handy, I would order your accessories from one of the discount Honda part web sites (, and install them yourself. The parts are original Honda part, they're discounted pretty significantly from the dealer prices and like the good doctor said, you don't have to pay a union dude $8 to install your floor mats. The sites also provide the factory installation guides so it makes it pretty easy.
I read some posts online. There's a thread discussing what everyone paid for theirs. Most paid MSRP or higher depending on which market you're in. Here's a post from someone in Cupertino:

We paid MSRP on our automatic 4WD EX and that was by going through the Costco car sales program. But the couple that walked into the dealership while we plunked down our money paid MSRP too for the same thing ... but then, they bought the Shoreline Mist that was sitting lonesome and ownerless in the lot. They claimed that other dealerships in the San Francisco Bay Area quoted them prices $2000 above MSRP.
I just took delivery in Westminster, Colorado on my Blue EX AWD. With roof rack and remote entry I got out of there at about 24,000 with tax and everything.

I am loving everything about it. The MP3 jack works slick, the inside feels huge and 270 watts is way more than my ears can deal with. Honda did a fantastic job on this. Already have my climbing gear, skateboard and snowboard as permanent residents.
I can't wait for aftermarket parts.

When my wife and I went to the dealer, they said that they were selling the EX at $1000 over list. They also had a sales promotion going, $1000 off any car, so it did go for list.

Other dealers here were selling for up to $2000 over list.
I just got quoted a price $600 below MSRP. Sounds like a good deal to me. I'm in Baton Rouge, LA.
[quote:fa0cbdabab="Lumpy"]I just got quoted a price $600 below MSRP. Sounds like a good deal to me. I'm in Baton Rouge, LA.[/quote:fa0cbdabab]

That's about what I pd in Hattiesburg MS for my green one. Great car, bound to be a classic.
Nobody here in South Bay/Long Beach California area wants to quote prices on the EX other than sticker price. The internet conection from gave me a local dealer as well that is quoting MSRP as well. Visiting local dealers to shop for a price, I've noticed on the Elements that they have in stock, they are adding wheel locks for $199 for the set (ouch!!!). So far, my first experience purchasing a Honda vehicle has been rather poor, but maybe not with this model... I understand that the Mini-Cooper, due to the high demand, is a little bit of the samething.
I closed the deal Saturday. $600 under MSRP AND the Service Manual.
my 4wd ex was just a little over 24K with goodies...(East coast)

GOODIES: roof rack, fog lights, keyless entry, security system, side step, bumper trim, cargo cover, storage armrest, skylight screen, plus free leather steering cover & seat back bungees. not too shabby!

Good luck on the Good deals, the hard part is the wait and getting the car.. whew taking forever for these to trickle in huh?
i got a quote from a buddy of mine at the lincoln/mercury dealer for
$19500w/o tax. I am going to make him throw in some optional parts
Awesome keep up posted on your good deal.. i am dying to know what youget it for.. now that price is for the EX right? is it the 4wd or 2wd?

what kinda of stuff are you gonna or hope to get free?
I was able to get the EX 4WD automatic model with keyless & ignition kill for 21,400 in Northern VA just outside DC. In hind sight I felt I could have shaved an extra 400 off as well. I just wanted it so much I caved early! Oh well. They had 23,500 on the sticker. They stated that the demand for it was high so they could get the extra cash but I countered with the state of the economy and the fact that I would take the blue one on site instead of waiting for an orange one. I liked both so this was no loss for me.

Hope this helps.
[quote:564ed0f142="GYPSYTDA"]Awesome keep up posted on your good deal.. i am dying to know what youget it for.. now that price is for the EX right? is it the 4wd or 2wd?

what kinda of stuff are you gonna or hope to get free?[/quote:564ed0f142]yes its the price of EX 4wd. I asked him for the roof rack w/ the snowboard attachment & side steps & maybe the rear air deflector. He told me he is going to tried his best to get it.
Tommy i hope you get it, definately let us know, that is awesome, and that would be one heck of a deal! Good Job!
Local dealers in Philly are starting to get in quite a few. Looks like you can go $600 below MSRP without batting an eye for 4WD EX with no additional options.
Has anybody gotten extended warranty info. What dealer cost is, etc?
Hey neighbor (SideshowBob) I am in Delaware, here the dealers are usually kiler about price, but if youfind it lower some match no problem others match with a fight.

I went with a dealer, after I had been checking them out for a year or more, regularly... who consistantly had the lowest price.. they also gave me alot of discounts, free stuff, and lots of incredible service, so i am extremely satisfied, we also will be getting another honda before long, so we have someone who we know will give us a great deal & great service!

I am glad though you are getting some nice deals in Phillie.. keep us posted on what you get etc..
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