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EX Armrests on LX

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Hi all.

Just ordered a new '10 Element 4WD LX and I'll take delivery tomorrow. I really like the folding armrests on the EX, but I didn't want to pay for the EX package just to get those. Anyone know if the EX armrests will bolt up to the LX seats? Are the mount points there underneath the upholstery? If so, I'll get a pair and write up the mod next week.

BTW, I'm not talking about the accessory armrest with the storage. I want the basic, skinny EX armrests.
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Have '08 EX armrests available

Hi there, I just completed installing a SC console into my '08 EX, gray and tan seats, and have the armrests as well as old console in case someone wants them, let me know. Oh yeah, also the subwoofer and lower center dash cover over the subwoofer. And rubber mats front, middle and rear also.

[email protected]
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