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Excellent Traveller

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I just returned from a trip from Michigan to Delaware. The Element was just a delight in every way. I packed it with a huge suitcase, large-frame mountain bike, music stand, bag of music, bag of overnight clothes (because I made it to MD the first night and did the last bit the next day), my floor harp, a bag of food, a small cooler, and a bag of beach stuff. I didn't even use the front seat. When I got to MD, we added my brother's suitcase, some groceries he had bought, and a bunch of his shirts. We could've fit more in. That car is amazing. The ride is very nice and comfy, the sound system is good, the fact that I could plug in my mp3 player was great, and the air-conditioning worked just fine. It was a very comfortable trip.

I keep liking this car more and more.
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where in Mi are you from? I'm in Traverse City
In between Port Huron and Detroit.
oh, ok, I purchased my Element from Cawood in Port Huron
when I decided I wanted an element (my civic was totaled) my boundry was Michigan. They had what I was looking for and it was done all over the phone and then they delivered it the next day. It was great service until after the sale :( It was certified and the maint. should have been up to date but it wasnt. They blew it off. But thats a risk I took buying it over the phone but I thought I was safe with it being certified. Not with Cawood. Other then that, I am jealous, I havent taken it out of TC since I bought it (8 months ago) but I do drive over 400 miles a week and I love this vehicle :) Winter is a blast
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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