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Extended Warranty for 2007 Honda Element

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Curry Honda has contacted me about getting an extended warranty through them. I have a 2007 Honda Element EX and have 7 months on my existing warranty from purchasing the car new in 2007.

Have other Honda Element owners invested in an extended warranty through the dealer? If so, have you found it worthwhile to have done so?

Thanks for your feedback.
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I did when I purchased my car. I wouldn't normally have done that, but they went from $800 down to $350. At that rate it seemed more reasonable. I guess the thing to know is that the price is negotiable.

Be sure to understand what is covered and not covered - and what you have to do to maintain that.

I think in general, it's not really needed on a Honda. You aren't likely to get into major repairs until well over 100,000 miles if it's been reasonably taken care of.
Most of the repairs that you are likely to see are going to be wear related (Tires, bulbs, brakes, fluid changes, etc).

And to answer your question - I doubt that I will ever make use of the extended warranty.
I bought a used car which had an extended warranty. If you plan on selling it used at any point, that can be a very lovely selling point. People don't have to worry about as many problems with the vehicle since it is warrantied. If you want piece of mind, get it. If you want to roll the dice, then don't. If you think about it only one or two small problems are needed to have the warranty pay for itself. Many people seem to wait till the warranty is almost up, and get everything fixed at the same time.

Make sure you aren't buying a bogus warranty that can only be used at a certain dealership. There is a Honda dealer locally that does that. If it is through Honda or a legit warranty company I would do it for the right price. Whatever price they give you, cut it in half and negotiate from there!
it all depends on the price and what kind of warranty. I purchased my warranty for $960 which takes it to 100k/7 years and it was honda care. Honda care has 9 different warranties so check for deductables and what components are covered. The only reason I purchased the warranty was because I bought my element used and had no past history care aside from it being certified though honda.
Welcome, Jeanrowe.

Search phrase "extended warranty" will return many, many opinions on this question.
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