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F/S Thule box -New England

This might be a long shot but....

We were recently "credited" from a local retailer of a thule box we had owned for a couple of months, originally this was brought forth to be warrenteed back in November-Only until now did we realise we are getting a credit rather than a refund. We have since re-purchased a box to travel for the holidays.

so up for sale: Local delivery or pick up only. I am 1 hour north of boston, just off of rt 95. I do travel new england from time to time to deliver, unfortunatly this would have to be on my terms and time frame. After all I can not circle the world and save Lois Lane.:grin:

For sale, your choice of either the Atlantis 1600 or 1800, in your choice of color (silver or Black). Brand new in the wrapper!

The 1600 (16 cubic feet) is perfect for sedans, wagons, smaller SUVs and Minivans. retail is $550.00 Price is $400.00. This box will fit 180cm skis

The 1800 (18 cubic feet), and slightly longer than the 16 will fit larger wagons, minvans all the way to XL SUVs. retail is $600.00 Price is $430.00

Either box will fit all vehicles with roof-racks w/cross bars or any vehicle with Thule or yakaima bars. Both boxes go on and off in seconds are fully lockable

Fast facts about the Atlantis 1600xt and the 1800xt can be found here>

Pm or email me with questions. Thanx for looking
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