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Factory Look Gentex Mirror Mounting

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Well, I've been messing with more than the leather shift boot. I bought a Gentex rear view mirror (temp, auto dim, compass, ice warning) last winter and finally got around to tackling this. I saw some of the other mounting methods created by EOC members and they looked good but I wanted something that looked factory and didn't cut up part of the old mirror. After a lot of pondering and four hours of engineering, making parts, and testing it is done:

If a couple of people are interested in doing this I'll take apart and take pictures & create directions. Didn't want to go to all of that if no one is interested.
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That's nice, real nice! Being that I'm such a clutz when it comes to doing mechanical things, I don't think I'll be doing it as much as I'd like to have one in my E. Good work though Perfdata!
Count me in as well....i have been looking at these mirrors...but without being able to make a proper mount i'm pooched.
Count me in...
I'm really interested to see how this is done.
Count me among the interested.
Looks good I did the same thing using Justins method of cutting off the old mirror and drilling and taping the base. Drew:)
Okay, that's four people, that qualifies.

I just thought of something - I need to take it apart to do this and I didn't make patterns, I could put together a kit that would include all parts so all you would need to do is uninstall the old mirror and put in the new one. My guess would be 15 minutes, that does not include wiring. I'm thinking $15 plus maybe $3 shipping. I'm not looking to make $$$ on this, just cover time (not really but it sounds good) and material.

The cool thing is if you ever decide to put in the old mirror to sell your E (of course you would never do that unless you were buying another E) you can, it doesn't wreck anything. It also doesn't alter the Gentex mirror so if you want to put in another vehicle you can.

Let me know, I have to write up the instructions either way and my guess is you'd spend about that much just for the parts. I'll try to work on as time permits, the E is going to the body shop on Wednesday so maybe I'll shoot my final pictures first and do the creating of parts and assembly why it's gone to the E hospital. This may take me a week or longer as I'm also building a huge shed that has to be done before the snow flies.

I should be able to create a list of tools needed in the next day or so.

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Looks good I did the same thing using Justins method of cutting off the old mirror and drilling and taping the base. Drew:)
Yes, I saw that, I did this way for a couple of reasons: 1) I didn't want to cut apart the old mirror in case I was to reinstall someday and 2) this completely covers the hole in the factory "grommet", IMO it looks cleaner.

I almost did Justin's method and if I hadn't come up with this I would have.
Sounds good perf. You've been working on things I never thought I would actually be changing but always wanted to. Keep up the good work! :D

Make me #5...

I've been calling this the Gentex mount but the one I put in is from the company I am 99% sure manufacturs the Gentex, I bought it directly from the manufacturer in Taiwan I wouldn't have done this at Gentex prices. Everything is the same shape as a Gentex, just doesn't have the label and I think I paid $53 plus $18 shipping.

Kind of like saying Kleenex or Band-Aids.
Aw...heck...put chozen in there as a go too! I can always come down to his house and help him install it :razz:
Aw...heck...put chozen in there as a go too! I can always come down to his house and help him install it :razz:
I sent him a PM and told him to get a mirror & a SC console and head west. I won't be in your neighborhood again until next summer.

With the kit I'm thinking of providing if you can turn a screwdriver you can install.

Talking about coming west, Broncos game this year?
I'm definitely interested! You did such a beaut job on that!
I'm in for 20.00 for the parts.

Great job

I think I've hit on something

What a response, had no idea so many would be interested.

Okay, this morning I have time to create a tools and part list for you who may want to do this on your own. I'll probably make patterns and put them in a .pdf for people to download if they want.

Okay, parts:

  • .25 plexiglas
  • .50 plexiglas (optional, you can laminate two .25 pieces if desired)
  • 3 - 5x.8-30 flat head screws. I used hex drive, they're also available in Phillips drive
  • 1 - 5x.8-30 Cap Screw

  • Some sort of saw to cut the plexiglas with. My prototype I used a jigsaw, going forward I'm using a table saw. The straighter the cuts the better.
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Slotted screwdriver
  • File or sanding disk
  • 3mm hex driver
  • 4mm hex driver
  • 5x.8 tap and tap handle. I would suggest the t-type handle instead of a screwdriver type handle as the plexiglas provides a fair amount of resistance.
  • 45 degree countersink that goes into a drill
  • 5/32" drill
  • 3/16" drill
  • Some sort of drill (perfdata uses DeWalt)
  • Patience cap
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Perf - Denver plays Indy on 9/30 Hoping to be able to get some tickets and go but with the Colts winning the SB it's gonna be hard to get them. :|

We'll see....definitely be out that way for a snowboarding trip tho!
Count me in!

Hey perf,

I have been looking into this mod and would be fine with sending you the $18 for the install pieces.

Also, could you post the company info/web site for the generic Gentex in Taiwan? $60 sounds much better than the $200.

Thanks and the mod looks great!

- Justo
Just check e bay for the mirrors, I got mine for 47.00and the wife got hers for 42.00.
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