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Factory Look Gentex Mirror Mounting

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Well, I've been messing with more than the leather shift boot. I bought a Gentex rear view mirror (temp, auto dim, compass, ice warning) last winter and finally got around to tackling this. I saw some of the other mounting methods created by EOC members and they looked good but I wanted something that looked factory and didn't cut up part of the old mirror. After a lot of pondering and four hours of engineering, making parts, and testing it is done:

If a couple of people are interested in doing this I'll take apart and take pictures & create directions. Didn't want to go to all of that if no one is interested.
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Search the threads. There are several one offs and custom installations using the OEM mount point in the ceiling. Some of them are quite intricate and look fantastic.
Myself, I took the easy way out. I glued a wedge on the windshield, ran the wires down the "A" post, and called it wonderful. For the left over hole in the ceiling, I glued a clear lens and blue LEDs to the OEM plastic trim piece. I'll try to get a pic up tomorrow.
1 - 1 of 64 Posts
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