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Search the threads. There are several one offs and custom installations using the OEM mount point in the ceiling. Some of them are quite intricate and look fantastic.
Myself, I took the easy way out. I glued a wedge on the windshield, ran the wires down the "A" post, and called it wonderful. For the left over hole in the ceiling, I glued a clear lens and blue LEDs to the OEM plastic trim piece. I'll try to get a pic up tomorrow.

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Okay, that's four people, that qualifies.

I just thought of something - I need to take it apart to do this and I didn't make patterns, I could put together a kit that would include all parts so all you would need to do is uninstall the old mirror and put in the new one. My guess would be 15 minutes, that does not include wiring. I'm thinking $15 plus maybe $3 shipping. I'm not looking to make $$$ on this, just cover time (not really but it sounds good) and material.

The cool thing is if you ever decide to put in the old mirror to sell your E (of course you would never do that unless you were buying another E) you can, it doesn't wreck anything. It also doesn't alter the Gentex mirror so if you want to put in another vehicle you can.

Let me know, I have to write up the instructions either way and my guess is you'd spend about that much just for the parts. I'll try to work on as time permits, the E is going to the body shop on Wednesday so maybe I'll shoot my final pictures first and do the creating of parts and assembly why it's gone to the E hospital. This may take me a week or longer as I'm also building a huge shed that has to be done before the snow flies.

I should be able to create a list of tools needed in the next day or so.

Still selling the mount?
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