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Farewell to my E

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2007 AWD EX. ~90,000 miles.

On Sunday night I was hit on the left, right between the driver side front/back door. Side damage wasn't _that_ bad, but the E flipped.

The good news is that I was driving with 3 kids under the age of 10, and every single one of us is absolutely fine. Literally, not a scratch. Side air bags and all did the trick. So amazingly thankful for that (and that all kids were buckled up and in booster seats).

Miss my E!! It was a great car. I'm hopeful I can find a decent deal on a used model. Don't really know what else I would want to drive.

I commented to the tow driver that I had always hoped to drive my Element into the ground. He said back "Looks like you did!"

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holy crap, glad you and the kids are ok !

hope the insurance company takes care of everything !
Glad nobody got hurt. Your E is or was exactly like mine.

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Wow! Glad your ok. Are you planning on finding a used E? Best car I've ever owned.
Gotta love the 5 star safety rating. Glad you're all OK
crazy! its just a scratch. it'll buff out.
Very glad you're all safe! That one looked bad! How did you get 3 boosters in the car? One sitting up front?
My (now) wife's life was saved in exchange of my '03 Element's life. Well worth the trade off. I bought another and now another. Go get another!! :) There's some amazing deals to be had on the Element Classifieds group on Facebook.
So sorry for the loss of your E. Also very happy to hear that no one was hurt. The E is replaceable. Lives are not. Silver lining is all escaped harm and E sacrificed itself for all your safety.
WOW!!! Looks scary. :shock:

Good to hear that everyone was ok.
The E seems to crash well and keep everyone safe inside... sadly, something I found out recently too.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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