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Hello All,

I just got a promotion at work and will be doing a lot more travel, so I’m buying something newer/comfortable/automatic for those days in traffic. I am not sure if I want to sell my Element, but I’m also looking to buy a house soon so the extra cash could be nice.

This is a feeler thread, meaning I’m not 100% sure I want to sell, but want to see if there is interest out there. Mods, if this is not allowed I apologize and it can be taken down.

I’ve owned this car for about 15 months now. I bought it at 250k miles and I received a packet full of service records. I can send over pictures of all the receipts of it’s service history to a serious potential buyer if we make it to that point.

When I bought the car at 250k miles, the following services were done by the previous owner shortly before:

  • valve adjustment
  • new starter
  • rear diff mounts
  • A/C compressor
  • alternator
  • serpentine belt
  • gas cap
  • OEM oil pan w/ gaskets

Since under my ownership I have done the following:

  • OEM slave and master cylinders
  • OEM hydraulic clutch lines
  • Air Filter
  • Throttle Position Sensor
  • Battery w/ new OEM positive, negative and ground cables
  • Front & Rear pads/rotors. New rear passenger caliper
  • Rear sway bar end links and bushings
  • Front strut/shocks (I have the rears, just haven’t done yet)
  • Brand new 225/65/17 Michelin Defender LTX Tires
  • Oil changes every 5k miles
  • LED backup lights, LED map lights & new headlight bulbs

Goodies installed:

- Alpine ILX-F-259 touch screen head unit with apple car play/android auto and rear backup camera

- 17” Black Rhino boxer wheels in bronze finish. I also have the factory wheels to go with the car.

- Aftermarket shift knob and boot. Also have the factory ones

- Yakima roof rack

- OEM floor cargo carpet mats with element logo


- Car is currently 2wd as it needs the driveshaft. Previous owner removed it because it was causing vibrations. Neither of us had to desire to install a new one. But it can be done easily. I’ve seen some online for $2-$300.

- It could use some front end suspension work soon (tie rods/ball joints/control arm bushings)

- Clutch pedal squeaks sometimes. More so on humid days. Like mentioned earlier, it has new master cylinder so it’s not that. I think there’s a brass bushing on the pedal itself if I’m not mistaken. Not a big deal, just want to note it.

- Exterior has some scratches a little dings, but no major damage. The element logo did fall off or someone stole it.

- Catalytic converter had to be welded back together as someone tried to steal it. Luckily they were not successful.

- Front seats are starting to get the notorious tears but it’s not that bad yet. Cargo area is also pretty nicked up with scuffs and scratches. I’ve hauled many things back there. That’s what this car is meant for right?

That’s pretty much it. I’ll post a couple pictures now and can get more upon request. There’s some rust, but not bad at all for a northeast car.

Car just passed NY state safety and emissions inspection

I’m looking to get $3500

Located in Monroe, NY

Thanks for reading,
- Anthony


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you should keep it. You have an AWD 5 spd. Those are hard to find. for 4500 bucks, you will not find a better replacement and soon the 4500 will be spent, and you will not have a honda element......
Yeah I hear ya. Which is why this is a feeler thread. With a new car I’m not sure how much I will actually drive the element.

If you really want to sell it, I'd recommend installing the drive shaft before listing it. Otherwise, you'll probably turn off many potential buyers.
Good tip I will probably end up doing that, thanks.

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Yeah I hear ya. Which is why this is a feeler thread. With a new car I’m not sure how much I will actually drive the element.

Good tip I will probably end up doing that, thanks.
Ditto on the driveshaft.

I would add the 6th speed on the MT. Utube videos describe the parts& installation. It also looks like she needs some fuel filler door bumpers.
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