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final ride

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Our 16 1/2 year old siamese Chloe took her final ride in the E today...she was diagnosed with an intestinal she was on thyroid medicine and liver pills...She will be missed...This was my first cat..and as usual when you have to put down a beloved pet it is hard


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I know just how hard that is. When they have been a part of your life for that long, It just hurts.

Sorry for your loss.

She was a beautiful cat...sorry for your loss.
I have a Siamese cat too & he is the best cat I have ever had.
I am so sorry for your loss. She was a beauty.
thanks for all your words of support
My old guy is 17 he's still doing really good.. fingers crossed. It's always hard, hugs to you !!

So sorry for your loss. They are such good friends. My kitty, Nura Amir looks just like your kitty. She was a stray but they could be littermates,even to the age.
So sorry for your loss. :-( She was a beautiful Siamese!
sorry to hear. I was always a dog person myself, but my wife had cats when I met her. When her 19 year old silver tabby "Alley" passed though, I balled. I never thought I could get so attached to a cat. Good luck.
So sorry for your loss. I had several cats when I was very young and I still remember how it felt every time one left us. Hugs to you!
Sorry for your loss. It's never easy.
What a beautiful kitty. Sorry for your loss.
Deepest sympathies, Cobra.

A beautiful kitty, indeed. Perhaps my favorite cat of all time -- a handsome boy named "Bonkers' -- will greet her in her new home where there is no pain.

I sympathize with you.

Our cats have been equally long-lived, and when you spend that many years living closely with someone who asks so little and gives so much in return it's almost as bad as losing a spouse. I've had 8 cats in my life, usually several at a time so that they would always have companions when we were away at work. When one passes, the others keep searching the house for the missing one, scratching at closed doors and watching at the windows. Every cat has a unique personality; I miss them all.

It's hard to have to put down any animal, but it's better than letting one live in pain as I did once years ago. I couldn't bear to part with her, and spent a lot taking her to the vet to try to keep her. The last time she stayed with the vet for a week without getting better, so we decided to bring her home. She recognized where she was, sniffed our other cat, gave my wife a greeting meow, started purring, and fell over dead. Never again will I let that happen to someone I love, and I hope that no one tries to keep me alive past my time.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) for us, there are so many equally-lovable love-seeking homeless cats. Honor Chloe's memory by adopting one, and care for it the way she cared for you.
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Sorry for the loss of your beautiful kitty.

We definitely are honoring her memory...even tho it has only been one day we are actively searching the shelters for a new cat to be Elmo's (our rescued schaunzer) companion
That will be one lucky cat! Good luck finding Elmo's new friend.
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