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Finally! Eclipse 5423 Head Unit Upgrade (with pictures)

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I finally got my Eclipse upgrade today. I had a temporary CD3143 just until the newly released CD5423's were delivered to my car audio shop.

With the old unit, my AUX plug would not work due to lack of an AUX feature on the head unit. Also I could not independantly control the subwoofer output.

With this new unit I can do all of this and it sounds even better than the 3413 thanks to 5V preouts, 25% more power, and better high and low pass filtering.:D

I think looks great too - as you can see it has little silver accents that match the Element's bezel trim and the green display matches the Element illumination colors quite well. IMHO it's the perfect match. Some people like the flashy head units with animated cartoons and such but I prefer a more formal look.

Here's some pics of the unit and how it looks installed (sorry for the quality)...

Now all I'm waiting for is the Eclipse Music Keg coming out in June! This is a really cool setup that stores 20 Gig worth of music on a cartridge that can be connected to your PC with a USB cable and to your Eclipse head unit by sliding it into a little cradle and controlling it through the CD changer controls. You can even rip audio from other sources on the fly! Hear a song you like on the radio, sat radio, CD or DVD and you can record directly to the cartridge just by hitting a single button.

MSRP will probably be around $450.00

Here's some pics of the prototypes...

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