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Finally gave up and Quit worrying about er, wommitace

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OK, so I have this female Beagle who barfs the second you turn the key. I am beginning to wonder if it is a sublte hint about my driving, or possibly one about my hygiene..

After trying several different methods (Kennels, tents, dressing dogs in wet suits...) to keep both the hair and doggy pukies off my seats and other interior bits...

I gave in and stacked my camping cargo in the passenger section of the back of the E, and took my "passengers" and stuck them in the cargo area. I lined the floor with newspapers and then threw a plastic table cloth over the back of the rear seats to keep hair off them. Beagles aren't tall, so no barrier is needed.

The trick worked, I easily scooped the paper out of the E and gave the back a quick wipe down with a rag, a quicker brushing out, and Walla. A clean E in just a couple of minutes, including cargo moving back to the cargo space.

I'd post pics, but I don't think you want to see that. :wink:
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I'd post pics, but I don't think you want to see that.
My dog ralphs in my E too. I think it has to do with the quality of the ride.(somewhat bouncy and sharp turning) She had never done it in any of my other cars. I just stick her in back and limit her vehicular involvement in the E.
carsickness is common enough in young dogs that i wouldn't worry too much unless it doesn't go away over time. if ya'lls dogs are older i wouldn't be so quick to blame the e or your driving (unless it's beyond extreme, but i'm sure you don't fling your babies around the interior like that). there are herbal calming essences that some people with these problems swear by but... imo that's treating symptoms instead of the cause... it could be either symptomatic of an ailment or a dietary issue and if the "wommitace" continues for any length of time i would highly recommend seeing a vet. if they don't find anything serious, it's probably what is called "food allergies" . wheat and other ingredients (we're not even going to get into lowgrade protein sources) can often cause dogs to exhibit symptoms like nervous vomiting and also excessively loose stools. it is really a complex issue because all dogs have slight variations in physiology just like us humans. i'm not a vet or a nutritionist, just someone who works with dogs whose had a few who liked to "wommit" occasionally... my greyhound christened my e the very first night... this is her at a more peaceful moment
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thanks dawghaus

She is 11 and she has always been a barfer on windy mountain roads, which is where I live..on a windy mountain road ;-) I rarely take them down the mountain for this very reason, and even went 100 miles out of my way a few weeks ago to keep them from experiencing the joys of the curves.

I drove down from Portland Oregon to So. Cal a few months ago in a rented KIA, and they both behaved until I was about 7 mile from the house, so I don't think it's nerves. They love to go bye bye..but not so much in hairpin curves.

And no.."nothing handles like a rental" ;-)
has one eye and can't hear worth a damn. She's never spewed in any other car and still doesn't. When I have to take her somewehere, I just take her in my 1973 pickup. She loves riding in the cab of my truck and doesn't puke there. It's gotta be the E.
My small dog used to puke in my Saturn everytime he got in, he was a puppy then and he stopped after a while and he has never christened the E. I think all dogs are different and respond to different cars in their own way. I do think my pups earlier messes were due to his age but dogs are kinda like people some get car sick, others don't. Heck, I feel like heaving every time I get in my husband's Civic but I'm fine when he's driving the E :wink: .
For car sick dogs, try a anti static strap. The attach to the frame and sort of ground the car removing static electiricity. I don't know why it works but I have see it stop a dog from puking.

Just a thought.
I have a method to stop your dog from ralphing in your E. I posted it in another 'vomit' thread, here:
Hope you try it out.
he he, my dog christened my E this weekend too.
She couldn't wait to eat that grass then do what comes natuarly.
no more new car smell :( .
Wow interesting stories.. Now funny enough my pup barfed in my integra.. all the time.. and has not in the element.. guess he just likes it better too.. but that was a reason i was thrilled the E has a washable interior.. luckily I have not needed to "enjoy" the puke proof interior.
I find that where my dog is riding makes a difference. I have the seats reclined and made into dog beds; below windows didn't work well for us. Also, I think dogs get into patterned behavior quickly; they make an association which sets them up to repeat the behavior each time they're in that siuation. If you can break the cycle - somehow get the dog to ride in the car a few times without puking, break that association of feeling sick when in the car, this may help. My dog traveled for years and never puked; then he threw up once. Every time he got in the car the next few times, he did. I took him on a few short rides to recondition him to riding w/o puking. Then went on a longer trip and have had no problems since. Sounds weird, but like I said, they pick up patterned behaviors very quickly. It's a canine thing I guess. I wonder if he can still smell it in the car(?) which may trigger his memory about being sick in the car. They smell smells we have long forgotten were ever there. Just my random thoughts, for whatever they're worth to you. :)
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music&dogs: no that is not silly at all..they do have extremely strong sense of smell.. which is why you always get the at the door inspection from you pup when you get home.. he/she is taking notes of your day..

for the car, that stench can stick around.. it needs to be cleaned up thoroughly immediately.. in the integra, it was carpet interior.. and i saturated it, clean, saturated, and cleaned over and over.. he only puked twice in the first year of the numerous rides.. so i must have gotten the smell out very well..

also for some pups they do suffer from motion sickness.. and many need to get meds before hitting the road.. the movement regardless how smooth or rough can upset their stomach.. now for mine seems to better with rougher drives.. the integra had a real smooth drive... and he never had a problem in the truck we had, and has yet to have had a problem in the element..

so anyhow just some more of my 2 cents, smiles!
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