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I find that where my dog is riding makes a difference. I have the seats reclined and made into dog beds; below windows didn't work well for us. Also, I think dogs get into patterned behavior quickly; they make an association which sets them up to repeat the behavior each time they're in that siuation. If you can break the cycle - somehow get the dog to ride in the car a few times without puking, break that association of feeling sick when in the car, this may help. My dog traveled for years and never puked; then he threw up once. Every time he got in the car the next few times, he did. I took him on a few short rides to recondition him to riding w/o puking. Then went on a longer trip and have had no problems since. Sounds weird, but like I said, they pick up patterned behaviors very quickly. It's a canine thing I guess. I wonder if he can still smell it in the car(?) which may trigger his memory about being sick in the car. They smell smells we have long forgotten were ever there. Just my random thoughts, for whatever they're worth to you. :)
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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