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FINALLY, made deposit on EX manual

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Dealer said he will order it in March and I would probably get my new Element by end of May or first part of June at the earliest. With everything thats going on in the world with the war and all I wonder if Honda will meet the production date. It's gonna be a long wait I think. :roll:

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EX Manual in June?

Im assuming you mean the AWD 5-speed?

Im getting a EX 5spd on Wednesday, 2wd though, couldn't wait for an AWD version.
From what i've been reading on the boards, and what the dealers told me, it looks like you won't get an EX AWD 5-Speed until late in the year or this time next year. Sorry...
I agree. and when my dad saw the placement of the stick, he was surprised, he said he remembered the first hondas having the stick in the same place-ones with motorcycle engines. I like the stick higher anyway, i drove an integra with the same stick but in the normal place and i felt like a T-Rex...
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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