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I have had a lot of issues with my family and on the verge of being kicked out.. but I made it to my mothers house in NC, and she asked my grandfather ( who bought my 2004 Element ) to repair it for me.. he wrote a check and we checked around to various places and also the dealership. The price the dealer wanted for the repairs was $1,200 for a transmission fluid flush(?) wiper fluid, oil change, breaks replaced, rotors resurfaced (?) replace the side panel to the right of the windshield, and replace the steering fluid.. and I cant remember the correct name for it to save my life.. but we said no to the dealer and did some searching.. and found that a auto repair shop would do all of that for $350.. AWESOME! my Element is up and running so much better than it was.. and they also put sea-foam in the tank to help clean it out and what not.. soo that is my story of my repairs going well. :cool: I also had to get new tires.. which cost me $500 out of my pocket.. but its totally worth it. no im going to try to get some accessories for my Element.
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That sounded VERY expensive at first, good that you checked around. Glad to hear your E is up and running better!! Tell your Grandfather that he is a great individual for helping out an E owner........:twisted::shock::rolleyes::p:p
i have thanked him alot! haha Alaskan toaster? so your from alaska im guessing? if so thats awesome i would love to live in alaska.
One would think before you show up with a lot of accessories in tow that you have paid your grand father off what you owe him. It sounds like you have a lot discord in your family I would not make more at this point, be true to your family or they will not be able or willing to bail you out next time.

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