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hey guys i sold my 04 E 2years ago and bought it back from the owner with only 10k more miles this week :grin: for $5,500:grin:

im re-doing the audio in my E and im going all Maxxsonics(Crunch, Autotek, Hifonics, MB Quart) all around and needed some help. i jumped on some items that were priced really good so i got quite a selection to choose from and the rest ill sell it off.

ive got 2 12inch Brutus subs that are 600rms/1200watts each and 4ohms, and 2 12inch Zeus subs that are 500rms/1000watts each and 2ohms. on the amps i got a hifonics brutus 1200rms mono amp, a 1500watt 2/1channel Autotek amp(made by Maxxsonics). a Crunch 1100watt 2/1channel amp(made by Maxxsonics). the ones i also like are the Crunch 1500watt mono, which i dont have, an MA Audio 1000rms 2 channel that says its 500rms per channel, which i sold but would be the cheapest of all the ones mentioned, or the Brutus mono which was the most expensive

im trying to match to either the Brutus or Zeus subs but dont know how to read the wattage on mono amps as ive only had 2channel amps in the past.

the Brutus 1200.1 amp is 1200rms at 1ohms, 900rms at 2ohms, and 450rms at 4 ohms.

the Crunch 1500.1 amp is 750rms at 1ohms and 375 at 2ohms.

the MA Audio 1000.2 amp is 500rms at 2ohms but does not lite up like the rest, which doesnt matter, and is not Maxxsonics Equipment.

for example if i go the route of the Brutus and go the 2ohm route would i divide the 900 watts by 2 since im running two subs??? or would i be getting 900rms per subs???

also running some memphis 4gauge so if someone has a link to a thread showing a member running the wire so i can see it plz.

heres the stuff :razz:

this the MA when i had it, and the Crunch

and the Zeus compared to the Brutus

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