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First accident to my E.....

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HI every one been here a few months now, don't post much...but read almost every day.. you kind of get addicted to it ..and fun.:D
any how today I have the first accident to my E.....and hopefully the last one...I was mad because no signals,scare because was a baby on the other car (baby was fine as far we know he keep playing and smiling )I was sad because the hole in my baby .the lady turn to the right with out putting the signal and I couldn't stop ... it seem that the bumper was the only part damage to her car ...I hope so not sure how much is going to cost me that, any one have any idea! she was driving an accord 06, have insurance but since was no cops involve Ill see if she wants to do it with out a claim )
the damage to my E was a hole in the bumper one more question can that be fix or I have to buy the all bumper thanks in advance


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You scared me cavada! Don't ever do that again!:rolleyes:

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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