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First Mod Recomendations

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I love my '07' SC but it seriously needs some more ponies under the hood and I'm thinking of making a few mods to perk things up a little. I have no experience with 4-bangers or Honda's but have a LOT of experience with big V8's which respond well to a chip, intake and exhaust.

So what do you guys recomend to get a little more performance out of this package without busting the bank.
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Honestly, CAI and a new catback might get you a few more ponies... but if youre gonna do it right, Turbo that baby. (see rollertoaster and hellement, possibly others) You will get the most HP per $ that route. The reviews on chips for the E are lackluster at best. There are some in the group buy area with headers and such if you want to take a look there.

Them gearheads should be able to point you in a proper direction though with head replacements and the like. The above paragraph is just what ive picked up by reading a few things here and there over the few years ive been a part of this community. No first hand experience (yet).
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