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I didnt know for sure where to post this so I thought here would be a good place.

I took my first trip to the mountains today in my E. It was great. The trip started out with highway driving up some STEEP mountains. I expected the E to struggle on the steep hills but the thing actually had passing power and plenty of power to spare. I am used to driving full size pickup with a V8 and never once did I feel underpowered in the E. The cornering was also amazingly nimble. I was able to go in and out of traffic and avoid potholes without any body roll even at highway speeds.

After that I took it on some national forest roads that were in pretty bad shape from the winter and the E handled them without any problems also. The clearance wasnt a problem although I imagine on anything much worse it would have been. The suspension made the ride enjoyable even on the bumps. I didnt have any rattles or thumps like many readers have talked about.

All in all the trip was great I got to enjoy a great day outside and take in some AMAZING views. I took a few pics and may post some later. I am very pleased with my E, I thought it would do much worse out in the forest but it did suprisingly well, plus it turned more heads getting there than anything else i have ever driven.
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