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So it's not the most elegant solution, but a little rope and a 8x10 tarp was all it took to crack the case of the shoddy spare cover. It's now solid enough not only to stand and kneel on, but I can actually jump on it without a single crack or creak! (My bathroom scale says I weigh 171 lbs today... maybe steak for dinner isn't such a great idea after all... )

First I started with a little rope, wound into the spare's wheel well. It's probably not strictly neccesary, but I needed someplace to put it anyway!

Then I took an 8x10 ft. tarp, folded it bunch of times, then tucked the top corners into the spaces around the wheel. (Otherwise the hooks that hold the back of the spare cover won't fit)

Then just flip the cover back down! You only need to press gently to get the cover to snap into place. I think a 10x12 tarp would probably make it too high to clip down. As it is, the left side sticks up a wee bit, but I'm not too worried about it. If you weren't looking for it, you probably wouldn't notice it.

The cover is definitely solid, plus I get concealed storage for a couple of things I will always want in the truck! The tarp was about $8 from Walmart and the rope cost $6 on sale from Fred Meyers.

What, don't believe the cover is strong? Well fine! Let's see you try THIS on your unreinforced spare cover! (Quicktime 6 required to see the video)

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