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Floor Coloring

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Did I correctly read that the Green E has a green floor? I have only seen gray in the 2 vehicles I looked at.
Lemme know???? Thanks.
ps-what a great website! Thanks to all for the imput.
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The Green Element has a gray interior, same as the others. At least the one I have does.
I test drove a green & yes it is a GREY not green floor.. the dash accents and the seat accents are green.. and looks neat!

The green is great. We just love it.
cool RML glad you love the green.. i was tempted to get it too, but i really love the blue and always wanted a blue car, i have it now!

My hubbie loves the Element, so when we are ready to retire the Integra there is a chance we might have to get him the Green one! wouldn't that be cute!?

A family with 2 Elements :D That would be neat.

My wife and I share the cars. Our other is a Mercedes 300E

My father just got the Accord in Red. WOW, it is great. The color is fantastic. If the Element was only available in that.
I am glad that honda did toss in a couple colors that were not the basics (i always see the red, black, beige, and such... so this is a nice change!)

My hubbie likes the accord to so we shall see, i do think it would be nice if he could have an element to hisself too! he really loves mine! But we do share, well you know... smiles!
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