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Foggy Windows

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Last night, i slept in my E and couple hours later i realized that all my windows was all there a solution to avoid this???

It was raining so i could not open my windows...

Please help me

Its there a 12v deshumidificator taht i can put in the E???

Thanx for the advices
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don't breathe....pillow over mouth and nose....:D... it was raining, and humid, it happens all the time...:lol:
Install door visors so you can crack the windows and let some air in?
:lol: What they said!

You will find the windows will also fog in cool temps, even when it's not raining. Then you will need something like skreenz over the open windows to keep the bugs out!

I've camped in the E several times in the rain -- some quite severe rain/thunder storms.

I keep the windows down a couple inches and put towels along the door armrests to catch any that comes in.

Packtowels are particularly absorbent.

I don't have the window visors but you may want to go that route.


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On the dehumidifiers, realize that these take ALOT of power, they will drain your battery to nothing in about 6 hours and they can be quite noisy too.
Your best bet is a combo of the Skreenz and the window vent visors.
That should provide adequate air circulation and keep the rain and bugs out.
Rough it. :)
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