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For $1,000,000.00 Low fuel warning light

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I Have read a lot of questions regarding how much fuel is in the tank when this lamp lights up. This is not a real critical question but my curiosity is getting the better of me:?:

3 gallons, 50 miles, or 11.875 consumed :wink: I would just like to be prepared for when someone asks me "for $1,000,000, how many gallons of gasoline remain in the 2003 model Honda Element once the low fuel warning lamp lights up?" :roll:
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3 GAL. (More or Less).....heh heh

shaka......47AG107 8)
I have been testing this theory, and last night I left the gage go down to the last white line to see if the light would go on. It did not, and when I filled my tank I needed a little less than 12 gallons. My husband insists the last white line is 1/4 of a tank, and I guess we proved him right.
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