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Hey there, everybody!

It's time for me to make the big leap to the new and cool 30gb iPod! I'd like to sell my old one first, though, and if I can help it, I'd like to avoid eBay. (I'd like to sell to someone I know, and I'm sure you'd like to buy from someone you know!)

The $250 price tag includes:

The 5GB iPod in its original box with all the pieces (except for the original CD... but it's way out of date anyway. I'll burn you a new one with the latest drivers) including firewire cable, headphones, and power adapter. The iPod itself is in great shape: it works perfectly and has only a little minor scratching on the back. (Unfortunately, with the iPod, this is inevitable)

An Xtrememac case (Grey suede) that protects the iPod's chrome backing and screen while allowing you to control it without removing the device from the case. It has a mounting stud on the back which you can clip to the belt clip (included) and car mount (also included). The case also came with a headphones pouch that you can clip to your belt for a pretty tidy and compact carry.

I'll also include an audio cable to connect the iPod to your Element's stereo and a Griffin car power adapter for power on the go. Both work great with the Element.

I'll also give you an iPod-to-RCA cable that'll let you hook it up to your stereo, and an FM transmitter, in case you want to listen to your iPod in your other car. (One that doesn't have the Element's input jack)*

*To be honest, FM transmitters have never worked well for me (and I've tried a few), but maybe you'll have better luck.

This iPod is formatted for the Mac, but it can easily be reformatted for the PC. I'll include instructions and the software you'll need to do this if you need it! Please remember that your PC will need a firewire port to use the iPod. (You can find them for about $15-20, though.)

Please feel free to PM or email me ([email protected]) with any questions! Ground shipping via FedEx or UPS (your choice) from Oregon to wherever you are is $10, second day is $20. You can pay me using a credit card via PayPal, but I really prefer money order, so I'll give you $15 off if you use that method.
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