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I did mine over the weekend and I am very pleased at my results! :D I bought the foglight kit from HandA which came with the switch. I broke it into two parts.

The first part was the front end work where the lights go. This part took the longest of the two. Getting the bumper off is really easy. What took the longest was making the cutouts. I viered off from the directions here based on other people's experiences on this site and used a good sharp utility knife instead of a hacksaw blade. I just kept going over the mark util I had cut all the way through. This made for a very neat and clean cut. Before putting in the foglights, I replaced the standard H3 Halogen bulbs with some Xenon gas filled replacments I ordered before hand. Also, routing the wiring harness was a little time consuming, but not a big deal. Getting the bumper back doesn't require a helper, but I would recommend it. I also recommend laying down a bunch of beach towels or blanket on your workspace soas not to scatch your bumper up.

The second part I did the next day and it only took about 20 minutes. This is routing the wiring for the switch. The one question I kept asking was why in the world are these foglights so intertwind into the existing wiring? There were three different sets of wires that had to be inter-connected with the existing wiring and one of them had to do with the automatic transmitions of all things!! :? What does that have to do with foglights? Oh well, it works.

I do wish that they would stay on with the highbeams, but I know that's the way Honda has always done it. I may go back and gig it so it doesn't turn off, but with all those wires, it would take a while to figure it out.

The finished product looks great! I know my dealer wanted like $650+ to install a set of these, so the $250 or so I spent was way better!! Don't be too intimidated, it's not that big of a deal. Looks a whole lot better than the holes that were there! I had already replaced my Halogen headlamps with Xenon ones so everything is nice a bright now!

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