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Forget Alpine PDX, Go for JL XD

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Just a quick opinion...

I ran the Alpine PDX 4.100 under my drivers seat paired with Polk co-axials in the rear and Polk components up front. sound has always been weak and flat. Also channel four has always had a tweeter squeal, not terrible but a quite noise you hear when no music is playing. It drove me batty enough I covered that tweeter with electrical tape to muffle the sound. I have this paired with a jl 250/1 for my sub sitting under the passenger seat.

I had been saving up for a JL HD amp to replace the alpine. But then the JL XD 400/4 was release. It is rated at 75x4 at 4 ohms. It is 25% smaller than the Alpine PDX and oh so nice. I hooked it up. Power is overwhelming. My flat music is full and crisp. And no noise at all.

To wrap it up, I will never buy another alpine amp again. If you are trying to fit something under your seat I suggest you look into these xd amps. They are hands down a better product than the alpine pdx.
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the jl xd600/6 is smaller and only 500 bucks. you can bridge two channels for your 5th channel. and its smaller than the pdx. what I would have done is I didn't allready have the 250/1 in place

maybe alpine got their act together, but its worth the extra money to me now. after dealing with a noisy amp.
not sure, I do know the hd and xd amps will go under your seat. I know the 250/1 will fit. beyond that you will have to measure and try it out. Good luck
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