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Forum Lurker finally joined

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Hello. I've been on here many times and just now decided to go ahead and join up. Been a long time fan of the E since it was introduced. I actually own 2of them if that tells you how crazy I am!! Mine is a 05 RR EX 4wd and the newer one is the one we got last year for my wife is a 09 PMM SC with Nav. Both have been nothing but wonderful so far. I live in the middle TN area and would love to hear about any E related events etc... Also, I do work for a Honda dealership so I'd love to try and answer any pricing related questions (NOT A SALES PITCH) and if I dont know the answer, sometimes I can find out.
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Welcome. Glad you finally made it official.
Prawie czasu!! OK, that means "about time" in Polish.

Glad to see you finally got off your donkey and presented yourself as a "real" member!! :lol::lol:

WELCOME and glad to have you (FINALLY!!) here!!:roll:8):razz::razz:
East Coast greetings (currently in Palm Coast, FLA) from a West Coast guy... Now since you've been here for a while, your official EOC Welcomes will be pending til you post pics of those 2 "rad" Es... You know the drill... Nice job on the profile too... Your wife couldn't have picked a better color...!

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