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Found an 03 in my pricerange

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I found an 03 ex auto. It has 134000 miles. The airbag light was on during testdrive. I saw that some people were having this problem. I was told it would be fixed before any sale would be made.
I found out it has new struts and some other new steering parts. Can this cause the steering to feel tight initially when turning? Carfax said it had a gentle front end accident from going off the road a few years ago. Good tires rack and a hitch. It is priced at 6995. Is there anything I should look further into?
Thanks for any info!
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If the repairs were done right, there should be no "tight" feeling when turning. I'd ask if you can get it inspected by an Indy mechanic. Well worth the $50 to $100 it may cost in preventing later grief and expense.
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