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found MY EXACT E - sitting in front of dealer window

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I’d lurked on this site for 2 months voraciously absorbing knowledge that’s simply not available elsewhere. THANKS EVERYONE! Two weeks ago I took the plunge and went for a test drive. By then I’d already chosen my dream E, an SOP EX AWD auto. From others’ posts I assumed that it’d have to be ordered and that I’d have 2 months in the meantime to gather my down payment. But surprise surprise…my E was already sitting in front of the showroom window!! :D EXACTLY what I wanted, even with the ONLY 2 options I would’ve ordered, the security system & remote entry.

The test drive went extremely well. My lone pre-drive reservation about the E’s acceleration was dispelled completely on a steep hill. The salesman & I combined probably weighed almost 400 lbs but the E accelerated upward nearly as quickly as my V6 3.2L 1994 Trooper. :eek: It seems that engine design & performance have improved considerably in the last decade.

But without a down payment in-hand, I had to reluctantly drive home without the E. :( I spent the next week scraping up every available dollar & hoping against hope that someone else didn’t buy MY E. Two days ago I went back to the dealer even better armed with knowledge from this site. MY E was STILL THERE! :p

At first the salesman insisted on full sticker price ($20,850.) and only $1,500 for my trade-in (which Bluebooks for $4,600. wholesale). After eliminating the trade-in from the equation he still insisted that full sticker was the best that I’d get, that other dealers were charging even more. Once we finally reached $500. below the sticker (which is what I’d planned for – by reading your posts!) he added $695 for the already-installed security system & remote entry. I acted incredulous :shock: and blurted, “Is this what you’d charge if I walked in off the street & bought for an E I already own?!?” He was honest & said “NO.” I knew that full retail was $350. before installation. In the end I got the 2 options for $300 and didn’t begrudge the dealership $100 for installation. So after almost 5 hours of negotiation and paperwork with 3 different salesmen & the finance guy, I drove off in my new E!

But only 2 blocks from the dealer while stopped at a light, 2 women in the car alongside pointed while snickering loudly. Of course, it might be that I’M funny looking but… This first letdown was more than made up for the next day at lunchtime. Just as I got out of my parking space, an incoming Silver E stopped. The young female driver waved to get my attention and gave me the thumbs up! :D Thanks Ami-Star (she knows what this is if she’s reading this). So far only 2 other E sightings, both SOPs like mine but they were too far away to wave to…

Thanks for letting me babble about my new E. Future posts will be shorter – I promise.
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Just curious, did you get it at Woodland Hills Honda? I know that they had a SOP EX 4wd AT last week, I even test drove it. I have only seen about 3 or 4 Elements driving around the SFV. I'll be getting mine next week (GG EX 4wd 5sp). Maybe we need to start a SFV element group.
Yo -

Also in the Valley & also looking REAL hard at the E. I'm going to talk to honda of pasadena next week. Haven't seen many in the valley, but last week went down to O.C. and saw 5 on the drive back up! They obviously have better taste down there!
Congratulations! Welcome to E ownership and our lil' club!

Please post pics of your new baby when you get a chance!

I know the demand for Es is far greater in Cali....but here in St.Louis there are SOPs sitting on the lots! The one dealer I drive by once a week or so has had two sitting up front for the last two weeks!
[quote:1ae3d96a04="buckaroo99"]Just curious, did you get it at Woodland Hills Honda? I know that they had a SOP EX 4wd AT last week, I even test drove it. I have only seen about 3 or 4 Elements driving around the SFV...[/quote:1ae3d96a04]

Nope - Kolbe Honda in Reseda. I commute only 4 miles each way but usually see at least 1 other E per day :D , all colors except SLM. I hope that you get your GG soon!

Forgot to mention - odometer oddity: The main odometer read 59 miles when I brought my E home. Strangely, both the A & B trip odometers read 74.3 miles. How they can show more miles than the main... Oh well, I re-set A & B and they're working fine.
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