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Front end suspension clunking noise (possible issues?)

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Hi everyone, started hearing some noise on the front end when going over bumps, pot holes, cracks, etc. Sounds very clunky and happens from low speeds to high. Lifted the front end to check what was going on and found a couple of things. Would like some insight of what the noise could be.

CV Axle Boot (Passenger Side):
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Bumper

LCA Bushing (Driver Side, closest to the front):
Automotive tire Wood Gas Font Circle

- I also have a video linked here of me prying the LCA to check the bushing (not a good noise?)

I did do the same test for the LCA bushing on the passenger side but it was more squeaky and less knock (and took more force to pry) so I assumed it was good. The CV axle boot concerns me a little as I notice some slight tearing but the axle seemed fine. Would replacing just the boot be okay? Would hate to buy a new axle unless I really had to. Would also mention that ball joints were replaced in the winter and sway bar bushings were done a month ago.
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Looks and sounds like you have indeed found a problem with the LCA bushing on the video.

Check your stabilizer end links while your under the car too; another typical problem area.
Worse than mine, but mines on the way out.

Gonna get what I can get out of it, then change both sides at the same time.

If you took yours in, as it is now, to align the front end ,a good shop would tell you to fix it first!

MOOG makes a complete arm and used them on Wifey's ''E" because of time restraints...

They worked fine but admittedly years ago now!

I have a press, so will press in new one's, when I do mine.
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The lower control arms fixed my front end clunking noise. I used the moog ones. Mine were worse than yours.
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My LCA bushings look and sound like yours. What's the cost to replace them?
The control arm looks like it could use a replacement. Also just to be sure, check the top strut mounts. When those mounts break they can clank around causing a lot of noise.
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