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I have bought a 2009 Element Lx and the front end vibrates between 65 mph and 75 mph. The local Honda Dealer cannnot fix the problem and I have been asked to agree to wait for at least another 1500 mile to let the tires "adjust".
The tires are Good Year Wrangler HPs and are a medium priced tire. Two of my friends who own Elements don't have this problem but one of them said that "Those tires are just to get you off the lot. You should replace them with Michelins when they wear out and they won't last past 20,000 miles."
Has anyone else had problems with front end vibration? Most of the "flat spotting"of tires went out with the nylon belts.
I had Goodyear tires on my E when I bought it new and I will have to agree there are better choices for tires. I have never heard of the term letting tires adjust. I would tell the dealer to replace the tires if that is where the problem lies. Is this the selling dealer and is your E still under warranty?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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