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Front Nose Mask VS the Air deflector

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For those of you who have these accessories, are you happy with them? I am trying to decide which to get, are they hard to install?

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I installed the smoked bug deflector. I like the idea it is not rubbing on the paint. Summit Racing shipped it to me for $50.94 and I installed it in 10 mins. Looks great with my stainless grille screen inserts. Later Todd
Is that the official Honda bug screen or an after-market one?
Thanks for responding do you have pictures of yours? Did you have to do any drilling to install it?

i'm from the other spectrum,,, i have the leather nose mask and think its way cooler... keeps the clean lines of the front... plus i have a bug deflector,,, my windshield... :mrgreen:
I bought the leather mask because I think it looks cleaner on the car, but I can't figure out how to attach the two small side pieces. They have a plastic tab that is supposed to slip in between the fender pieces, but there is no gap and I can't figure out how to get them installed.

Any ideas?
I went with the Honda Hood Air Deflector. I purchased it online for under $104 including shipping and taxes. It took no more than 20 minutes to install. The installation was easy and required no drilling.

I debated between the Honda Half-Nose Mask and the air deflector. I don't regret the decision. It looks GREAT!

- Ed :shock:
The Half-Nose Mask must be taken off when it rains and when you wash the "E". It takes some time to dry out if you don't. It is becoming a pain rapidly depite how good it looks.
I think the nose mask looks great. Its got a pretty noticible leather deflector on it as well. Looks cool from the drivers seat as well.

I found the toughest part getting those two small side triangular pieces installed, and in particular, getting those plastic stubs inserted between the body and the fender molding. I found putting on some rain-x (to the plastic inserts) really made the insertion a lot easier. ALso try inserting as close the front as possible and then dragging the insert back to where you want it.

I know they say your "supposed" to remove the nose mask and not get it wet -- but my bra on my Accord and Odyssey never got removed more than once or twice a year -- and I never got any scratches through several Colorado winters. I AM a little more careful to not get a lot of soap in the bra when washing it -- but not overly concerned. My experience has been that it holds up a lot better than you think and after 2 years, your better off buying a new bra anyways.

Just my opinion.
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My Element's bra gets soaked in the rain. I can not imagine that is good for it. And it comes up at over 120 kmh - just flutters there. I am hoping to get a defelctor soon and sell off the bra.
Hi. I just purchased a few accesories for the Element. One of which was the Air Deflector. It took around 20 minutes or so to install and looks great. I had one on my previous Isuzu Trooper, but it was the kind that needed rubber bumpers to keep it from touching the hood. The Element's deflector is installed with small brackets which will always keep it away from the hood. It's fairly easy to wash behind the deflector too. It feels very solid and looks great. I'd recommend this.

I used to have a bra on one of my MGB's. It kept the paint under the bra from becoming discolored with time. The bad thing here was that I could never take the bra off, because the front end was a darker shade of red after time. Stick with the Air Deflectors.

Can someone tell me, is the air deflector any good at reducing the number of suicidal bugs on the windshield? I think that is my only complaint about the Element is the tremendous number of bug splats I get, and it's not even July yet...
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