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Notice to Honda Part 1:
You are probably aware by now that the Element windshields are not holding up very well. Just today mine broke. Not only do they crack but mine shattered into the car......onto the dash....and the driver seat. If I had not had the sunvisor down, I would have had glass in my face, eyes and neck. If you want to sell this car as an SUV then you had better check out why this is happening. Lot's of people will be getting rock bites this summer as they hit the backroads.

Notice to Honda Part 2:
Windshields are on National Backorder. This means when your windshield breaks you cannot get it replaced. You can't even order one since apparently there is no release date. This info as of 4/28/03. The only place you can get the glass is from a second party glass available.

Could it be the glass is on back order because Honda is replaceing a whole lot of these?

Honda Dealers...what have you got to say in your defense??

Akk the element owners are listening....
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