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I have an OEM Cargo Cover from my old 03 Element. Not sure what other models it does and doesnt fit so please be sure it does fit yours before buying. I have no idea what this is worth so im going to say $40 plus shipping from 75056 area code. (Will post pictures later on.)

12.1" Boss Flip-down with built-in dvd player. Has an USB input and a SD card reader. IIRC A/V two inputs and 1 output. RF Transmitter (will transmit sound over radio station). Only thing I am missing is the remote. Forgot it in the element when i traded it in. Should be easy to find a replacement on ebay. Also comes with 1 wireless headphones. All this stuff has 6 months use at most. Asking $200 plus shipping from 75056 zip code.

Short video of unit working that I took yesterday.

If anyone is seriously interested in any items posted I can be reached via PM or [email protected]


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