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I am selling my E! I hate to let it go, but I have a kiddo on the way and need the cash:

Price: $17,995 / OBO

The basics:
2007 Honda Element EX (the better one)
49.8k miles
Alloy rims
Real-time all wheel drive
7 speaker sound system with mp3 jack Sunroof

The awesome:
Built in iPod / iPhone / blackberry dash mount
Plug in iPod charger and playback connection
New oversized Michelin tires
Center console arm rest
Invisible bra
Full window tint

The really awesome:
5 year 100k extended warranty
Full top Gobi roof rack with fairing (see pics!)
4 off road delta lights
Back ladder for getting to the top rack
Top bike rack
Rack works with any Yakima mount for kayaks, etc.

This is a great vehicle. I love it and hate to see it go. This car is awesome for camping, biking, skiing; just about any Colorado activity. The new tires make it great for off road and snow. The top rack handles a lot of gear. Makes it great for road trips with friends. All the seats are waterproof! Great for kids or friends that have trouble handling their mustard. The stereo is great, there's a built in sub! It has steering wheel controls and an iPod connection. There is also a connection for any mp3 player. Please call or write if you have any questions about this great Honda Element. This is priced well below Kelly Blue Book and all the extras make this a really great price, but I will entertain any serious offer.

Josh (3O3) 356-8O51

This E is located in Denver, CO


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Man!! Hate to see ya go!! Especially when this is a VERY safe and family friendly car (unless, of course, you (will) have over 2 kiddos....). :shock::roll:8)

One suggestion, tho - you may want to sell the accoutrements separately. Even tho you might think they may help sell your E, you would probably get more out of them selling them elsewhere (right here, for example). The extended warranty, and the internal mods, should take care of any buyers questioning the price, or just not looking for what you added outside...... :roll::razz::razz:

Just my .02, Good Luck and keep in touch!! :)

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Ya i'd sell that stuff of and put it back at stock.... Gobi rack looks like the first thing to remove :D.... and post it here!!!

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The Gobi?

Yeaaa ive been in the market for a roof rack and if i could get your gobi for even a third less than selling price it would make my YEAR:roll: let me know if you plan on selling it bud, il be here
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