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Time to sell my trusty Element!

I've owned the car for over 2 years now and it's been nothing but great to me. Routine maintenance and oil changes will keep any Honda going, it's no secret.

The info:

2003 Galapagos Green Element EX AWD.

Automatic Transmission

141,xxx Miles as of today.

Clean interior, clean exterior.

Price : $8000 OBO.

The car needs very little. The outside has it's minor dings here and there, typical for your used car. No major damage or body rust of any kind. Great shape.

One wheel has a scuff on the face that might be removeable, I'm goign to try this weekend. There is a lght scuff on the back plastic where the rear bumper meets the rear plastic quarter. This occured when the previous owner had the car and it never bothered me enough to do anything to it. Once you shine the panels up you can't even notice it to be honest. A good thing about these cars is that most of the exterior plastics are so cheap, and I would'nt be surprised if you could replace the whole rear quarter for under $100. The small plastic garnish on the back bumper is also scuffed up, but it is easily and inexpensively replaceable.

Going into the fall and winter seasons the car will most likely benefit from a new set of tires. I currently have Nokian Vatiiva all-seasons on there that were awesome in the snow combined with the AWD, but I think this is the last year around for them.

Other than that, no mystery stories on the exterior.

Interior is in good shape as well. The driver seat vinyl has bolster wear that is typical for these cars. The cover is replaceable but I have not looked into the cost yet. I'm sure it isn't much either. Just giving a heads up as I like to be up front about everything. The plastics inside have some minor scuffs here and there, nothing major at all. Just shine up the dash and go!

I purchased the car with 79k on it from the previous owner. I worked about an hour and a half away at the time, so most of the mileage I put on was all on the NYS Thruway. When I bought it I worked at an Acura dealership and I currently work at a Honda dealership, all fluids and maintenance was nice and tight on the car.

I'm only really selling it as now I live about 20 minutes from work, and the necessity is getting smaller for an SUV. My last job was a photo-assistant for a photographer so the room came in handy. Now being that I'm at a dealer ship I'm more looking towards something gas-sipping

Feel free to email for info. [email protected]

Phone is 845-705-5187, Car is located in the poughkeepsie/poughquag area.


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