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Just bought this Element to carry our company equipment and it is sadly not big enough.
We'll have to use a trailer.
So testing the water to see if any interest before putting it out on craigslist.
Inspected the underpin areas and they are dry.
Checked car history and clean no accidents.

Purchased from previous owner in CT/MA. Well maintained. Drive perfect. Clutch engages strong.
Mileage: 207,xxx
Trans: 5 speed
Equipment: Thule roof rack, tow hitch
Very clean interior, 1 key, 1 remote key, manual documentation

New exhaust
4 pretty new tires
new brakes pads, rotors, fluids
Clean interior

Hood has a couple of spots rust bubble forming as expected for a NE car that is 17 years old
Some wear on driver seat
A couple of minor dings
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