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Finally got my element squared away $1,000 later. Had to have rear trailing arm bushings replaced and tires balanced/aligned.

I really miss having a truck with a bed for hauling my Ebike, deer, etc. I could haul in the E but, have to unhook the dang car seat every time and re-secure it which is a pain.

I have done soooo much to this in the 3months I've had it. It's been lifted with a 3in lift from HRG, new custom wheels/rims, new struts, tie rod ends, sway bar links/bushings on front and back, trailing arm bushings, thermostat, slotted/drilled rotors, just put on a class 3 hitch (not wired) andI really can't remember what else. I do have front lower control arms and ball joints sitting in the basement because the place that did my lift said those don't need replaced yet. One of the sides is missing the parking brake, when I went to change them the one side had nothing so, I just zip tied the cable in the wheel well since I don't have the money to replace those right now. I don't live anywhere that a parking brake is needed anyway.

It's got 132k miles, no more noise when driving since I've replaced basically everything.

I'm looking for 10k OBO. I'm located in Clinton, Illinois

It won't let me post anymore pictures, I have interior ones as well, just pm me.
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