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FS: 2005 Totaled....Extras for Sale

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my Daughter thought it be Fun to play Tag with a pick up Truck.
Trunk won.
Element totaled
but I did manage to grab some goodies before the insurance company took it.

Front and Rear All weather Mats (2 Pieces)..used but in Good shape

4 (Four_a complete Set)- 6 1/2 inch Infinity 6022si Speakers....Last upgrade I made..Less than 4 months old...Like New !

Cubby hole Rubber Cut out...(Rubber to fit the dash pockets, Cup holders...etc..) Full Kit...Less than 6 months New

Front and Rear OEM Mud Guards with hardware....again...about 4-6 months old in perfect shape.

[email protected](DOT)net ...Ready to ship...Be reasonable with Pricing...and we can work out a deal. I take PayPal.
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My Bad

Here are the speakers...and where I got them

make me an offer...I am a forum junkie and do not need to make a ton of money, I just want a fair see what they are worth....set of 4..complete system upgrade..well, minus the sub, but if you read the forums and more importantly my input, you do not need to upgrade the sub with these...I was very happy with them.

Some Stuff Left

Last Box,

4 Inifitiry 6022si Speakers
1 OEM Air Filter_New
2 Front and 1 rear wiper
plus other things that I keep discovering in the garage.
Extra Headlight bulb, Interior Light, owners

All boxed ready to ship.

I ask 120.00 Shipped.

[email protected]
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Sales Pending

but nothing recieved as per payment yet.

Stuff is in box, Can Ship Monday !

Matts and mud Flaps Sold

The Speakers and the other goodies Still available.
Everything is SOLD

Will Ship Monday
Thanks Guys

I will miss this forum !

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