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FS: 3 OEM wheels off 08 EX AWD

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I just got a new set of tires/wheels and am selling 3 of the 4 16" OEM wheels, all in great condition. The 4th was damaged on the inside to the point that I would not be comfortable selling this to a fellow EOC member (I actually just gave it to a friend to see if he could pull off any magic). Anyway, I am selling the full set (of 3) for $180+shipping or individually for $75+shipping each. 1 of the three has a slight scratch, but it is truly minimal (visible directly below the Honda "H" next the lugnut hole on the far right of the three wheels).

Lugnuts included...

PM me if interested. Can pay through paypal or negotiable. Shipping from Oklahoma City.


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these would be great for a couple people with roof racks that want a full size spare on an oem wheel. great deal, if i know of anyone i will send em your way. ;-)

Could you gave me a price on shipping to zip code 34232. How about a pic on the damage I my want it Thank-you:cool:
I wish it was all 4 but, could u check the shipping to 23236. Thanks
I'll check shipping prices tomorrow and let you all know.
sold...thanks for looking
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