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FS: Dog Friendly pet accessories

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I just received the accessories. You can read my full review of each item in the Element 2010 forum. I am selling the accessories that i dont need:

Tote bag $20

Collar $20

Leash $20

Bag dispenser $10

+shipping based on your location.
Or- I will sell the whole lot for $60, shipping included to 48states
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leash size and shipping

the leash is 6ft. long and very strong. the collar is made for large breeds and is also very strong and sturdy. It is about an inch wide and can be adjusted to fit an adnormally large neck (about 2ft.!)
I dont have an extra badge, but will see if i can get one from the dealer.

shipping will just be a flat $5
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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