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Hello Craigslist surfer, hows it going?

I am selling my beautiful Honda Element 2004 EX in Sunset Orange Pearl. Why am I selling it? Because I have recently moved to 5 miles away from work and I can simply bike over or take the VTA transit. There is simply no need for this awesome truck, which drives like a small car. I have bought this car from a fellow CLister last year, and have babied the car since. Many oil changes later, and it still runs like new.

Countless friends have praised the color, practicality of the car and the room! It's huge, but drives like a small car.

With the two back seats folded up vertically, we have fit two adult bikes straight up and held down by cable ties in the back. I have added the Honda Element SC center console to the unit and makes a big difference in keeping things hidden from plain view. It brings the emergency brake handle to a more comfortable level and has multiple places to store things.

I have added a K&N filter element that saves about 5% on MPG. I have also modified the turn signal light so that they blink alternatively from the front. (originally, they do not blink at all.)

Another cool thing I did was to use the "spare" white key and modded it for the Acura TL switchkey blade. It works exactly as you think it would, unlocks/locks the cars, panics and starts it. (but it looks super slick and better than having so many keys and remotes around). If you didn't know, the Honda Element has an Electric Key fob that doesn't start the car until the proper key is nearby. You will have this "Switchblade" key and also two regular keys with remote fobs.

I have maintained the car to the best of my ability and it seriously shows within the car.

Here are the specs:

* Honda Element 2004 EX model
* 2WD (wheel drive)
* Automatic
* 106xxx miles
* Sunset Orange Pearl (SOP)
* Newer tires (should go another 20k)
* Honda Element SC Console
* K&N Air filter element (won't need to change air filters for another 100k)
* Acura TL Switchblade key with 2 stock keys and remotes
* 2005-2007 Honda Element OEM CD/MP3 player that plays MP3 (the stock one did not)
* New car battery installed via Kragen last month.
* Non smoker, no pets in the car
* Carpets in both front and back
* Clean title and title in hand
* All standard EX options: Power door locks, power windows, power mirrors, AC, ABS, upper storage cage, 16" alloy wheels, 4 speakers, 2 tweeters, and 1 subwoofer (stock setup), cruise control

The only slight flaw is that there is a rock chip on the windshield even before I purchased the car. However, the crack hasn't increased and it's on the far right side near the passenger side that goes vertically. That's a pretty small thing to fix. Also, living in the City gave me a few small door dents, but nothing major.

The title is in my hand and it has never ever been in an accident. Like I said, I'm selling it for a great price of $8500 but looking for OBO if your form the EOC!

I don't have a lot of time, so please dont' waste my time or yours unless your super serious. The car pictures below were when I bought the car back in June 2009. I'll take a picture of the inside soon. Please respond back with your phone number as I will not respond otherwise. If the ad is up, the car is still available.

Thanks for reading,

email me at if your interested. Located in San Francisco Bay Area (Southbay).


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Hello Craigslist surfer, hows it going?


I have bought this car from a fellow CLister last year, and have babied the car since. Many oil changes later, and it still runs like new.

You mean this whole time i thought i was on EOC I'm really on Craigslist?? WOW they sure have snazzed this place up.:lol:
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