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Ok... So since I have updated Jean Grey, I have a few of my slightly used performance parts for some great deals.

First off on the block is my AEM FIC and Boomslang PnP harness for 07-08 element AT. It should work on the MT no problem, but may have to be repinned, I can not say for sure. Nothing major if it does.
550 shipped(box was 475 and harness was 350)

AEM UEGO wideband sensor/gauge with autometer real CF gauge cup(trimmed to fit on top of the steering column without hitting the wheel)
150 shipped

I also have my gibson SS exhaust up for sale. No leaks, just needs to be welded upon either side of the muffler instead of the U clamps. Didn't have it on for long so I just used the U clamps. Only blemish is the tip has some melted bumper on it, but am working on getting it off and re polishing the tip a bit. This is the only item I do not have a pic for at the moment.
150 shipped

Last I have a Turbo XS dual stage boost controler. All that it does not include is the toggle switch for inside the car. Easily aquired at any auto parts store.
140 shipped

Any interested parties can PM me on here. Thanks for looking and bump if interested!8)
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