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okay, for real. last time, some guy got cold feet and buggered off elsewhere, never contacted me back.

3 rims + 4 tires for loosely 555.

im sellin these cause im due for a new set of rims and i am poor because of them.

i cracked one of the rims into pieces in the dead of night , i ran over a massive piece of sidewalk and now, they are off. i was gonna just go buy another rim but at times like these, one cant afford the luxury of having two sets of wheels for different seasons.

used to be on my honda element, 2.5 inch lip 18 inch sportmax/xxr 006 rims.

plus tires to go with. all of them are brand new, all of them are good to use. yes, even the tire on the cracked rim. ive rode on them for about a month between pasadena and fullerton so theres got to be a thousand? miles or so on them? i could give you a number but then, i would be lying. and a part of me still wants to keep these...

the rims are in good condition, have been used for 2 years. and because they have been on a honda element, rest assured, these have certainly not been abused or raced with or any of that mumbo jumbo everyone worrys about when they do buy used rims.

anyways, yea, your lookin at 2 perfect rims, 1 rim with light curb rash, 1 thats shattered and no good, and 4 new tires for 600 bucks.

so, if your looking to attract people, cops, a certain demographic of single females, hobble on three wheels, or just have nice lookin time-attack wheels for your red or black (or both) or god forbid, any other, colored car these rims are for you.

price is negotiable depending on first impressions.

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