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FS: Injen Cold Air Intake for 07-08 Element

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Well I traded my Element in last Saturday in on a 2009 CR-V. I really like it. Any how I have the Injen Cold Air Intake and the prefilter for sale. It was only on my Element for 1 1/2 weeks. It will work on the 2007 and 2008 models. It is in excellent almost brand new condition. I'm asking $250 + whatever the shipping would be to you. If you are interested email me at [email protected]. Thanks!
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I still have the Cold Air Intake. If anyone wants it I'm dropping the price to $240 + whatever shipping to you is. Please email me if your interested. If you want pictures I can email them to you.
Mine is the polished.

Thanks for the heads up on eBay

Well I'll drop the price to $230 + shipping to you. Remember this comes with the Injen Prefilter too. ($25 value)
Darn, the polished silver is really nice though. Just saying.......
ok We're down to $220 +Shipping to where you live.

This is basically a brand new Polished Silver Injen Cold Air intake, only on my Element for a 1 week and a half. Still in perfect condition. You also get a red Hydroshield prefilter to have that added protection for the filter.

Email if your interested or have questions. Thanks.
I still have it, but how do I post pics?
here's some pics of it on my old element.

I have it packaged up in the original box so pics of it off the car won't be possible.


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Nope I still have it. I'll ship there but you pay the actual shipping to your address. If you send me a private message with your address I can stop by my local UPS store and find out shipping for you. Thanks
Item sold!!!

Item sold, thanks everybody!
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