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I have the following parts for sale:
  • JDM interior passenger door handle rocker switch - part number 35380-S9V-A02ZB
  • JDM interior passenger door handle - part number 72125-SCV-J01ZB

These items are necessary if you are going to perform the passenger door lock modification as described in the Sticky thread under Do It Yourself modifications in the forums.

The reason I am selling is that the color of the pieces is slightly darker than the interior gray color that is on my 2009 Alabaster Silver Metallic Element.

The pieces have never been installed, and are in brand new condition (I recently ordered them from Honda Parts Now). I simply opened the bag and checked for a color match, then immediately put the parts back in their bags.

I believe the pieces will match the 2008 and below Elements with a gray interior. The 2009+ gray interior is slightly different.

$30 including shipping.

Please send me a PM if interested.
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