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FS: More stuff...

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I'm pretty sure the gauges are gone, but the trim around the radio, has a few blemishes, $40 obo

Lots of interior parts, dirty, but still good.

Passenger front strut $40 obo

Passenger fender. I think there is a very small dent where the door, metal and plastic meet, can't really tell, $50 obo.
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Illtake the dash cover for the radio.... whats your address?
Do you have a rear bumper cover, or just what is shown?
I am looking for this part off my '07 SC. My wife broke it when she was loading a shelf in the Element. Have one by chance?


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How many miles are on the strut? It's not leaking, is it?
Ill take the side covers for the locking mechanism on rears seats if they are black. And is the passenger air vent available? Will take that too. Thanks. Oh yeah do you have the little triangle piece on the drivers door on the lower left corner of the window?
How much do you want for the blue passenger side dash piece?
nevermind. I found my parts at a junkyard since no reply.:-(
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